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May I use the graphics on your site to promote GoodVibeTraffic.com elsewhere?

Please do, as long as you promote us you are welcome to use the graphics. Additionally, fair use regulations apply.

How can I contact you?

We have created a Form for that purpose and your convenience. Select the Menu Option "Contact" to get in touch with us.

What kind of websites do you allow? Do you allow adult content?

No, we don't allow adult content. Examples of what we don't allow:
  • Hate ware
  • Pirated goods (software, music, physical products)
  • Gambling
  • Porn
  • Banner farms
  • Frame Busters
As mentioned elsewhere, It's common sense stuff really, yet for the record: We're here to promote legitimate websites only. Typically our members promote online businesses, businesses tools and business events. As long as these meet with the above guidelines and don't offend anyone then that's fine by us.

I just signed up and now I cannot login whats wrong?

When you enter your password, the software automatically saves the lower case variant in the database. Again YOUR PASSWORD IS ALL LOWER CASE !!

Is GoodVibeTraffic an Investment Site?

No,we are a advertisement company that provide you with different type of promotional ways to advertise your business or service that you may have to offer.

Why is my Site not in Rotation?

When you add a site, it will be checked if it conforms with our Rules. Don't worry, It doesn't take long.

I tried to delete a Site form my rotation, but I cannot. What's going on?

When this happens, check if there is an auto assign percentage next to the site. It should be set to 0%.

My question is not answered!
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